Hanging out in your backyard should be a peaceful experience. It helps if you don’t have to worry about your neighbors’ prying eyes or unwanted conversation. Unfortunately, not all of us have the most considerate neighbors.

Luckily for you, you can apply a few methods to create more privacy from your neighbors. Use these techniques to take back your backyard and enjoy the peace you deserve.

Fences or Walls

The most obvious way to create privacy from your neighbors is to build a fence or wall. This fence will give you a physical barrier between your property and your neighbors’ properties. Check your local zoning laws before making anything, as there are often height restrictions for fences and walls.


If you don’t want to build a fence or wall, another option is to plant hedges. Hedges can effectively separate properties and be beautiful additions to your landscaping.

Again, check your local laws before planting anything because there may be restrictions on the type or height of plants you can have on your property.

Privacy Screens

Another option for creating privacy is to use privacy screens. These are easy and convenient and can block wind or sunshine. They are usually fabric or mesh.

Privacy screens are elegant and can work well in several different places. You can place them on your fence or use them to create a freestanding privacy screen. They can even work together with retractable awnings to create an enclosure that still allows you to enjoy the fresh air.

Plants and Trees

Finally, you can use plants and trees to create privacy. These plants are an excellent option if you want to add some color and life to your property. Be sure to choose plants appropriate for your climate that won’t grow too large.

Creating seclusion doesn’t have to be complicated. These methods allow you to enjoy your backyard with more privacy from your neighbors.

Spend the time and money necessary to make your backyard a haven, and you’ll be glad you did.