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An unfinished basement is often just wasted space in a home. On the other hand, there’s so much you can do with your finished basement, and we’ve come up with some of the best basement remodeling ideas for you. Check out all the things you can do with your home’s basement ahead.

Home Gym

There’s no better time than now to build a gym in your home, and your basement is the perfect place to put it. To build the perfect gym, you first need to have the right equipment—consider treadmills, exercise bikes, strength-training machines, and free weights. You should add mirrors and rubber flooring to your home gym as well. Having a home gym can encourage you to get more fit since working out will never be more convenient.

Home Office

Working from home might just be the new normal. And if you’re struggling to find a quiet area to do that, there’s no better place than a basement, where you can focus on your work and remain productive. Build a room in your basement that is specifically for a home office, and fill it with a desk, chair, computer, and all the other necessary equipment you need for your job.

Movie Theater

Chances are, you are probably watching a lot of movies and TV shows during the quarantine. If that’s the case, a home theater in a basement is a must. Add comfortable seating, invest in a spectacular TV, or get yourself a projector to get the entire theater-going experience at home.


A great companion to the home movie theater in your basement is either a kitchen or a bar. This way, you are only a short walk away from grabbing a snack or making a delicious drink. If you have the room, you can add a nice table and chairs in the area as well.

Spare Bedroom

A final suggestion for one of the best basement remodeling ideas is to add a spare bedroom. With a spare bedroom in your basement, you can house family members and friends for the night. Of course, if you add a spare bedroom, you should also add a bathroom in the basement. A spare bedroom with a bathroom also adds value to your home, which can be very beneficial down the road.