Having a house with a stairwell of any type comes with the great responsibility of maintaining everyone’s safety. While the stairs provide reliable access inside the home to move from floor to floor, they also pose a risk to small children or physically limited individuals. Consider inspecting your home’s stairwells and keeping safety measures in mind.

Secure the Railing System

A significant way to ensure your stairs and home are safe for young children is to secure the railing system. Through time, the railing and spindles can become wobbly and less effective. By updating the stairwell to cabling and modern guard features, you can give your home a more contemporary look and secure the safety of your stairs long term.

Add Ample Lighting to the Steps

A relatively simple but incredibly effective way to create safe travel on stairs is to install some sort of lighting for the steps. There are a few viable options. They include strip lighting under each step, motion-controlled lighting along the handrail, and overhead lighting controlled by a switch. Consider the location of the steps to determine the best lighting features.

Keep the Stairwell Free of Clutter

People often set a pair of shoes on the landing or the first few steps, but this can foster a cluttered space. Ensure the stairwell and landing area are free of clutter and that the handrail is easily accessible. Without a clear-cut path, you create a tripping hazard in low-lit situations or when somebody isn’t paying full attention.

Ensure the Handrail Is Secure

In addition to securing all railing systems, a handrail is vital to the stairwell and its safety. If there’s any wobble, this is a clear indication that there’s weakness in the railing’s mounting system. When too much weight is on the system, this can become dangerous. Thoroughly inspect the mounts for each contact point and replace any weak fixtures.

A home’s stairwell can sometimes be a conversation starter. But without following some simple safety measures, you can put your family and friends at risk.