Your yard requires a lot of maintenance and care to look as beautiful as your home, but this is not an easy task. You try to mow your lawn regularly, give it suitable soil, and plant some beneficial flowers and plants, but sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do to keep everything alive. Read on to learn how you can easily boost the health of your yard.

Be Careful With Mowing

Everyone knows that to keep their yard healthy, they need to mow. But mowing can hurt the health of your yard. It is unsightly to have your grass grow too tall, but people often cut their yard too short. If it’s too short, water and fertilizer will run off, and your soil won’t absorb them. Make sure your blades are sharp to guarantee an even cut that doesn’t damage the grass. Furthermore, consider grass-cycling your grass clippings instead of throwing them away. Grass clippings will quickly decompose and return nutrients to the soil if you let them sit in your yard.

Surface Drainage

You need good drainage products to prevent erosion in your yard. Without measures like this in place, the healthy parts of your yard will erode, and you’ll also have moisture damage and long-term degradation of your yard. These side effects are typical results of poor erosion control on your property. In addition, excess rain can erode the healthy parts of your soil, and excessive groundwater will even affect your home. Invest in surface drainage products to save for rainwater and avoid damage to your home!

Aerate Your Yard

In addition to creating a drainage system, you should also consider aerating your yard. Year after year, your soil becomes compacted and doesn’t allow as many nutrients and beneficial lifeforms to pass through. To navigate this issue and create a healthier yard, aerate your yard with some holes about 3 inches deep. Proper aeration loosens the soil and allows for better air circulation and absorption of water and nutrients. In addition, micro-organisms and larger soil organisms such as earthworms can now establish themselves and help break down any thatch in your yard.

Boost the health of your yard with these easy tips, and soon you’ll never look back. Yes, it requires a lot of time and effort, but your yard will thank you as it can now stand up to the conditions that previously did it harm!