Your home’s front yard is something that you look at every single day, whether you view it from inside the comfort of your living room or see it every time you come back from work.

Keeping the front half of your yard beautiful isn’t just a benefit to you, it’s also beneficial for your home’s overall value. If you want to make your front yard stand out in a future home listing, try out some of these front yard landscaping ideas that add value to your home.

Create a Rain Garden

If water often pools on your lawn after a rainy day, don’t just leave the areas alone as patches of drowned grass—fix the natural pools the natural way with a beautiful rain garden! Rain gardens utilize the water runoff from your roof and gutters to grow plants that are native to your area.

Plants inside the rain garden will be the types of flora that love water. Around the outside edge of the garden away from the downspouts, you can place native plants that require slightly less water. With so many kinds of grasses and flowers, you’ll see an increase in beneficial pollinators and wildlife, such as butterflies and birds, and a sharp decrease in ugly, muddy pits.

Automated Sprinklers

Plenty of people want to maintain their lawns and gardens but don’t want to put in the hard work required to do so. One way to make a large front lawn with garden beds appealing is to install an automatic sprinkler system. You and anyone who owns the home after you can skip the tedious task of watering all the plants and go straight to weeding and feeding the flora. Sprinklers will keep your lawn green all season long—no more dry, yellow, dehydrated grass!

Keep Your Lawn and Garden Beds Tidy

Some front yards don’t require much work other than a slight refresh to look appealing to buyers. If you’ve been neglecting your lawn care, you’re missing out on one of the best opportunities to beautify the front of your home. It’s always important to care for your lawn and landscape, and once you bring it back to life, it’ll be easier to maintain.

Start by trimming back hedges and weeding the garden beds, then move onto sprucing each plant and cleaning up any broken or filthy edging. For a personal front yard landscaping idea that adds value to your home, re-edge the garden beds with clean rocks that you find while out and about.