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Spring CleaningThe weather is getting warmer and you’re probably ready to welcome spring with open arms. Unfortunately, the warmer weather brings a long list of chores with it. From putting out your outdoor furniture to cleaning out your closet, here’s a list of tips to help you meet your spring cleaning duties head on.
1) Start by Organizing Your Closet
Spring is a time associated with the outdoors, but in order to get ahead of the chores, start inside by getting your closet and living areas organized. I believe that organizing your closet is the first step towards creating a more functional home. Hiring a professional organization service, such as California Closet can help maximize space in even the smallest closets so that all your clothes, shoes, and accessories have a home. Not only will California Closet make it easier than ever to organize all your “stuff,” it will elevate the value of your home and increase the efficiency of your morning routine.

2) Try Creating a new Ambiance

You can welcome spring by making slight changes to the décor in your home. Brighten up your living room by adding some colored throw pillows to the sofa or add a pop of color to your bathroom by switching out the bath towels or placing delicate flowers, such as orchids, on the counter tops.
3) Freshen Up
Over the winter, your home went into hibernation mode, which can leave your bedroom and other rooms feeling stuffy. Be sure to air out the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room and freshen up your bedding by washing your duvet and flipping your mattress.

4) Blast Your Outdoor Furniture Clean

Depending on where you store your outdoor furniture it may not be as clean as it was when you packed it up last fall. Before you set up your lawn chairs and create your perfect, outdoor oasis, it’s a good idea to power wash all the chair and tables and wash away on stains or caked on dirt.
These four tips will help you get a jump start on your spring cleaning so you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and soaking up the sun!