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They say first impressions are everything, even with a house. Whether you prefer subtle or bold, the exterior of a home takes on a whole new look with a little paint and small additions here and there. Let’s go over a few ideas about how to make your home’s exterior pop, so you can start getting your house noticed.

Front Door

There isn’t much on a home that makes a first impression quite like the front door. People walking or driving by notice it immediately, and those entering your home quickly get an idea of what your style is. In that case, it’s important to make it count.

Paint fixes a lot in life. We suggest painting the front door a new color. With so many options, how do you choose? Let’s break that down a little to help:

  1. Classic Colors — You can’t go wrong with a classic. Deeper colors like dark blue, burgundy red, and neutrals such as black and gray always look perfect.
  2. Go Bold — If you’re searching for a front door color that says, “Look at me!” then go bold. The sky is the limit with bold colors. Bright yellow, red, and even purple really brighten up the face of a home.
  3. Stain — To freshen up a beautiful wood door with visible grain, consider a dark stain to bring it back to life and create a rich color.

Whatever color you choose, take your time using color swatches, making sure the color coordinates well with the rest of the house.


Windows make a big difference at the front of the house and are one of the best ways to make your home’s exterior pop. There are two classic ideas that work well to improve the look of exterior windows.


Exterior shutters instantly add charm and beauty to a home. The front of a home sometimes looks dull, almost like something is missing, and that something is usually shutters. They’ve served homes for decades as decoration and protection from heat and storms.

Consider installing shutters if you don’t have them. If your home already has shutters, but they’re looking worn out, you can easily remove them and add a fresh coat of paint.

Window Boxes

In addition to shutters, window boxes epitomize charm. Paint them to match the shutters and fill them with flowers in the spring.

It’s not often that the other homes in the neighborhood have window boxes, so enjoy standing out.

Front Porch

Even the smallest of front porches has an opportunity to make the home’s exterior pop.

Touch up old paint or paint all the posts and railings a cheery new color. Potted flowers and welcoming furniture all play a part in a beautiful home and great first impression.


Any additional trim around windows and doors needs paint to ensure it coordinates with the rest of the house. Touching up old paint or choosing a new color brightens up the home’s exterior.

In conclusion, make your home unique to you. Get ideas from magazines, pictures, and other homes, but in the end, make your exterior pop in a way that says you live there.