While your roof provides you with shelter and protection, it might surprise you to find out that it can also be an attractive aesthetic feature for your home’s exterior. And with so many roofing materials, like metal, it’s never been easier to make your roof pop! Check out our guide on how to match metal roof shingles to your house color so you can enjoy all the benefits of a unique roof for yourself.

Coordinate Color With Shutters and Siding

You’ll want to consider the colors of your siding and window shutters before you try to toss metal shingles into the mix. Knowing how your metal roofing will coordinate with your exterior’s current color palette is a crucial aspect of your decision. This knowledge will help you select the option that best compliments the beautiful features that are already part of your home.

For instance, if your siding is a dark blue and your shutters a stark white, then vibrant-red steel shingles might not be the greatest addition to your home’s exterior. This is because they’ll clash with your current color schemes and might make the house look tacky.

Stick With Basic Shades

Something else you’ll want to consider when exploring how to match metal roof shingles with your house color is sticking with the more basic color options. The most experienced designers will tell you that sticking with solid, classic colors like black, gray, or off-white is your best bet for selecting metal shingles that make your home’s exterior gorgeous and aesthetic. Of course, it’s also wise to be aware of how the shade you pick will affect the overall look of your home.

To illustrate, your siding might be white. After browsing a while, you decide that you love the stark contrast of black against your bright siding, so you decide on black metal shingles. But when the installation is complete, your roof appears to be swallowing the rest of your exterior. For this reason, it’s essential to explore the way your chosen colors fit together so your roof doesn’t end up overpowering the other features of your home and vice versa.

Consider Materials and Patterns

Of course, because there is such a wide selection of metal roofing materials, finishes, and patterns, it’s crucial to make a shortlist of your favorites and consider how each one might fit your needs, both for functionality and appeal. For instance, you can always go with the more typical, run-of-the-mill metal roofing.

Or, if you’re looking to branch out a little, you can go with something more extensive like kasselwood metal shingles whose design mimics more dynamic shingle options like slate. Along with that, certain types of metal roofing allow for blending several different shades of your chosen color. So, your roof will have all the rustic and stylish appeal of traditional shingles but with the durability and long-lasting beauty of metal shingles.

Roofs aren’t just for practical uses; they’re also part of what makes our homes beautiful. So, when deciding on how you’ll incorporate a feature like metal roofing into your property’s exterior, we hope you’ll consider this guide.