The exterior of the home fulfills a series of roles for homeowners. A home’s exterior should complement the architecture, maintain curb appeal, and protect the home from outside elements. Whether the exterior of your home hasn’t been updated or you’ve invested in a dated home to begin with, it’s important to invest in modern elements to sustain functionality and property value.

Follow the comprehensive guide below to gain insight into how to modernize the exterior of your home to refresh its appearance and ensure long-term value.

Update the Siding

Updating the siding of your home can transform the exterior and help modernize the style of its architecture. A popular aspect of exterior remodeling involves applying texture to your home, such as a brick accent wall or stone veneer skirt for a polished and modern look.

Apply a Trim Color

Using bold color accents is a modern trend that requires less effort than giving your entire house a new paint job. You can apply a pop of trim color to your front door, shutters, and decorative woodwork. Select colors that complement the existing scheme of your home for an updated layout.

Replace the Shutters

The style of shutters has changed throughout the decades, which means they can be a telling sign of the age of a house. If the shutters on your home are older, there’s a chance they’re making the exterior appear outdated. Explore the most modern trends of shutters to replace the old ones or even consider removing them.

Adjust the Landscaping

Exploring how to modernize the exterior of your home isn’t limited to the house itself. If there’s an overgrowth of shrubs or outdated lawn ornaments, it can easily cause even a modern home to appear outdated. Consider rearranging the layout of greenery outside your home or investing in professional landscaping for a modern reset of your front yard.