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There are different philosophies of decorating. Maybe you prefer to buy matched furniture sets, you love antiques, or you hired a professional. Any approach works, and they all can benefit from one thing money can’t buy: your own individual flavor.

Think about how to personalize your décor so that you can make it truly your own. It doesn’t need to break your budget. Ask yourself: Is my interior recognizably mine? What do I like to look at? What items bring me joy? Is my home a reflection of me? These ideas will get you started.

Showcase Mementos

You are the sum of your experiences. Show your pride in where you’ve been and where you’re going with souvenirs of your journey. Use your family and scenic photos to create a gallery wall. Switch out some of your knickknacks with souvenirs from your travels. Plus, framing your kids’ school art is more personal than a mass-produced print.

Paint Walls

The most popular paint shades for interiors are overwhelmingly white, gray, or whitish gray. Life is too short to live in rooms the color of “Wind’s Breath.” Take a chance and use a variation of your favorite color in a bathroom until you build your confidence. Accent walls are technically on the way out, but if you want to stop after painting one wall, there’s no shame in it.

Rehab Furniture

Upholstery wears out long before the bones of a piece do. Explore the dizzying world of textiles until you find one that speaks to you. Try your hand at recovering a chair cushion or have a professional give new life to a beloved armchair. If it gets cost prohibitive, you can spice up a room with a few DIY throw pillows.

Shop Your Own Home

Save money and change up your décor by using items you already own. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh eye. Place books on shelves or tables to create a themed vignette, or group them according to color for more visual impact. Move around the furniture. Highlight a favorite collectible or craft project, being careful not to increase clutter. Use plants and flowers from your yard. Get creative and look for inspiration with out-of-the-box ideas.

Celebrate Location

Your home has a home, too: It’s part of a community and an area that has its own unique history and motifs. You don’t necessarily have to decorate with shells if you live near a beach; dig deeper to incorporate your roots. Keep an eye out for local artists’ work that you love. Frame a map of a place that has a special meaning to you.

Just as you develop your own personal style, update your interiors to reflect who you are now. Your surroundings can go a long way in creating comfort, energy, peace, or any mood you need more of. Learning how to personalize your décor can be one of the healthiest ways to express yourself. Plus, you’ll feel more at home when it’s mistakably yours.