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Even if your home is aptly prepared for a rampaging storm system and all the damage it can bring, there’s no easy way to prepare for the emotions you may experience after a significant weather event damages your property. From tornados, to floods, to fires—every type of severe weather home damage affects you and your family differently.

Whether you’re bracing for any worst-case scenario or coping with recent events, knowing how to recover after a storm damages your home can help you get back on your feet quickly after such a tragic event.

Communicate With Your Insurance Provider

Your insurance provider is one of the most important people to stay connected with after a significant weather-related event causes any damage to your abode. After the storm passes—and once it’s safe to do so—evaluate the damage it did to your house, both internally and externally. Communicate this information with your insurance agent and update them with any pertinent issues found with inspections or further storm damage.

Be careful not to damage the house by living in it or sifting through the wreckage! Not only is it dangerous to do so, but it could also cause problems with your insurance. Document everything—take pictures, jot down notes with times and dates, and keep a record of important conversations.

Take Care of Your Valuables

While it may seem superficial to prioritize some valuables over sentimental objects, hanging onto a few precious belongings can give you enough money to get you and your family back on your feet again. A jewelry collection can be small enough to grab while in a hurry, and if you manage to protect it from the weather, you can sell some of the baubles for extra spending money.

Give yourself peace of mind by insuring and appraising the most valuable objects in your home. If anything happens to them, the return you receive can go towards replacing them or other recovery efforts.

Consider Your Mental Health

Losing your property to storm damage is a stressful event and can significantly impact your mental health, sometimes even traumatizing you. It’s okay to feel emotions during this crisis, and it’s okay to ask for help. You don’t have to push through extreme amounts of stress to be strong for others; let some of your grief and stress out either by yourself or with your family.

Your mental state is an essential element of how to recover after a storm damages your home. Working through the strong emotions, no matter how long it takes you, will help you rebuild both your confidence and your livelihood once again. You can get through this, and you’re not alone.