Movies bring people together. You bond with friends and family while the film transports you into another universe. But wouldn’t it be great if you could change your setting? You can always watch a movie in your living room, but your TV might not compare to the big screen.

You don’t have to confine yourself to staying indoors. Once you learn how to turn your patio into a home theater, you can combine the great outdoors with the best action flicks.

Best Seats in the House

You can design your patio with the proper seating so everyone can see the screen. No one will have to fight or rush to get a good seat because everyone’s already got one. Add some patio accessories to set the mood for the night.

Remember that going to the movie theater is an event, so treat your patio differently than you would your living room. Consider starting with a snack table, string lights, seat cushions, and a porch swing. The film is only half the experience. The atmosphere needs to be right so you can enjoy your time.

Grab a couple of blankets to get cozy. These few additions will make your patio better than the theater.

Sheet or Portable Screen

Choosing the best way to display the movie depends on how sharp you want the picture to look. Some movie lovers display the image against the house or the garage door. We recommend using a sheet or a portable screen for movie nights.

In the summertime, the sun takes longer to go down. Displaying the image against the house rather than a sheet or a projector screen can cast a glare over your film. You can’t always wait until the sun has gone down, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice movie-watching time.

A screen will have fewer wrinkles than a sheet, making for an optimal movie-watching experience. However, if you use a sheet, make sure to pull it taut when you secure it to a stand or a vertical flat surface.

A Proper Projector

If you choose to buy a projector screen for your patio home theater, you will also need a projector. You will need to plug your projector into an outlet and place it in a stable outdoor setting. You can save time and money by trying to find a compatible projector for your sheet.

Make sure you choose the right size projector because you want one small enough to transport outside easily. Remember to consider resolution and brightness before you make your purchase. Most projectors take a high-resolution image and compress it into a lower-quality one.

Choose a higher-end projector with high brightness to get true HD quality. The brighter the projector, the clearer your image will appear.

Sound System

Like a movie theater, give your backyard a surround sound treatment. Watching a film outside means you will have to compete with outdoor noises. Ideally, you could quiet all noise around you and focus on the film. However, you can’t silence elements like the wind, insects chirping, cars driving by, or noisy neighbors.

If you choose an outdoor speaker system or portable Bluetooth audio, you’ll want loudspeakers to combat other noises. Try to purchase a system that gives you clear sound from the film without disrupting your neighbors.

Once you’ve set everything up and turned your patio into a home theater, grab some popcorn and prepare for a great movie experience.