Depending on what you have budgeted, there are several ideas on how to update your old kitchen. Shiny new counters, light fixtures, or even painted cabinets will bring your kitchen into the latest decade and make cooking fun again.


Cabinets are a huge part of any kitchen. They certainly can’t be hidden, and if they are outdated or worn out, there’s no avoiding fixing the situation. The good news is, there are options for every budget.

Brand new cabinets can be very expensive but well worth it. Installed in a day, new kitchen cabinets will make the entire kitchen feel brand new. Consult with your contractor or local home store and they can help you choose which style will best bring your kitchen into the latest decade.

Another option for new cabinets is to make them feel like new without spending much cash. Painted kitchen cabinets are often chosen due to being inexpensive and because they give a kitchen a comfortable, homey feeling. Besides that, the color options are unlimited.

If you chose to paint, do some research and paint the cabinets properly to enjoy years of use and a paint job that lasts.


Countertops can quietly blend in or announce themselves when guests walk into the kitchen. Consider how much you want your counters to pop.

There are many different material options in kitchen countertops. It’s important to ask questions so you will understand the difference between quartz and granite or Formica and Corian. Even concrete has become a common choice. All are great options, but all come with different price tags.

Seek advice and opinions about matching counters with your cabinets. You want the counters to be workable and beautiful.


Who doesn’t love a shiny new refrigerator? Be careful, though; the cost for new appliances can add up quickly. That’s fine if you’re in dire need and have budgeted for it. If not, you may be able to get away with keeping what you have. To do this, focus on your cabinets and countertops.

If new appliances are definitely on the radar for your kitchen improvement project, choose wisely as you’ll have to live with the color choice for quite some time.

Experts will probably tell you to go with stainless steel or slate. However, styles ebb and flow, while you are the one cooking pancakes on Saturday morning in your kitchen. Choose what you love, what makes the house feel like home to you.


Changing out old light fixtures for new ones is sometimes last on the list, but they sure can pull a room together. Nothing can modernize a kitchen like ditching an old overhead fluorescent light for some canned lighting or a unique fixture found online.

Speak with your electrician first so they can measure and tell you what will work safely.

Have fun as you decide how to update your old kitchen. Stay within your budget and get creative, and soon you’ll be excited about cooking dinner again.