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More space in your home never hurts, and sometimes it’s quite necessary. When it seems like you don’t even have a corner left to put anything, take a good look around. You may be missing an area in your home you’re not using to its full potential. Let’s talk about some ideas for creating more space in your home.


“Declutter” is a popular term for good reason. Getting rid of stuff is energizing, and it brings many of us peace. In recent years, minimalism has caught on; as you begin to declutter your home, you’ll understand why the concept is so freeing. Here are a few common areas in your home that may need decluttering:

  • Closets
  • Kitchen and bathroom counters and drawers
  • Entryways and mudrooms
  • The garage
  • The basement storage room

You know your home better than anyone, but these are just a few areas to consider. To declutter, create piles of things that don’t belong there. Three piles usually work well:

  • Donation
  • Trash
  • Items that belong in another area of the home

Add Shelving

If you’ve run out of room, put the walls to use. Shelving—large or small—fits in every nook and cranny, and it’s especially helpful in bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms. Hang shelves in areas you haven’t thought of before, employ some baskets, and use the shelves to store things when drawers and cabinets have reached their limits.

Create Useable Space Outdoors

If you think about it, many people have small homes and large lots. Why not make better use of your outdoor space when you’re considering ideas for creating more space in your home? Decks, patios, and yard space are all useable for entertaining guests, relaxing in the evenings, and even cooking, if you think creatively.

Find a Place for Everything

Rule number one when you’re creating more space in your home is: a place for everything and everything in its place. When you’re going through those never-ending piles of papers and things in your home office or on your kitchen counter, decide where every single item belongs. If it doesn’t have a designated spot, create one. Then try to start the habit of putting everything that comes into the house where it belongs right away. Doing this will truly make you think a little longer before making purchases, knowing it has to have a place in the home. If not, is it worth it to bring it in and possibly create even more clutter?

Grant yourself some grace for this step if you have children. Kids make keeping everything in its place a little tougher. One thing that helps is to ask everyone to grab what’s theirs and put it where it belongs, right before or after dinner. That’s for everyone, not just kids!

Getting rid of clutter and freeing up space just one room at a time can bring a sense of accomplishment and relieve a burdensome feeling you didn’t know you had—the feeling of a cluttered area controlling you. Now you’re in control as you use what you have to create more space.