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Six Fun and Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a mess, it’s disorganized and you have no idea where to start or what steps to take to de-clutter your kitchen. Well, when it comes to kitchen organization, don’t sweat the small stuff. Here are some ways you can make your kitchen look organized when your planning your holiday get togethers this winter. 

  1. Baskets

An organized pantry can save you a lot of hassle when getting the kids ready for school and out the door. Pull-out baskets are great to put your dinner sides, pasta and sauces, and grab-and-go snacks for the kids. Save yourself some time and anxiety in the long run with using these baskets. 

  1. Pots and Pans

Rummaging through draws, pots and pans falling out everywhere when you try to find the one you’re looking for is a major hassle and annoying to deal with. When trying to find a place to fit all those pots and pans, don’t forget to look up. Install a hanging rack, and keep these kitchen essentials out of the way but within easy reach.

  1. Glass Canisters

These aesthetically pleasing glass canisters lined along your shelf or in the pantry make it easy to know when you’re running low on your basic essentials. Store cookies, pastries, salt, sugar or whatever other essentials you may need when cooking or preparing treats for the holidays. These canisters will keep them fresh and looks stunning on your kitchen wall. 

  1. Paper Towels 

Paper towels are a kitchen staple, but they don’t have to take up precious counter space. Fit a sleek paper towel holder to the inside of your cabinet door to give your paper towels a new, hidden home.

  1. Store Your Cleaning Supplies the Right Way

Many people like to toss their cleaning supplies in whichever cabinet has some space leftover. When organizing your kitchen, it’s easy to forget the dark area below the sink. Stop tossing in the miscellaneous cleaning supplies, and give them a space that’s all their own. By adding a small curtain rod below the sink, you will be able to hang your cleaning supply bottles while also opening up the bottom of the cabinet for other items.

  1. Take Out Menus and Coupons

Attach a couple of plastic sleeves to the inside of your cabinet draw for those take out menus, coupons and your kids report cards. By attaching a couple of plastic sleeves to the inside of a cabinet drawer, you will have all the space you need, while taking up hardly any room.