Many places require some form of backflow prevention. Backflow preventers are devices on water pipes that ensure water flows in one direction without ever flowing in the opposite direction. These systems are beneficial in supplying clean, healthy, and uncontaminated water to your home. These systems help filter out and remove contaminants but often need fixing or replacing. There are some noticeable signs that you need to repair your backflow preventer, and here are a few to bear in mind.

Faded or Discolored Water

This may not come as a surprise, but water should be clear and clean when it comes out of your faucets. A noticeable sign that your backflow preventer may not work correctly is when the water comes out a different color. Common colors associated with faulty preventers include dark brown, yellow, and even pink. Paying attention to any noticeable discoloration may allow you to catch problems early and make necessary repairs.

Lower Water Pressure

Many things can result in low water pressure, but it might also indicate that you need to repair your backflow preventer. Pressure build-ups in your preventer can negatively affect your irrigation system, which leads to weak water pressure. Your problem may lie elsewhere, but when performing an inspection to find the cause, it’s worth checking out your backflow preventer just to be safe.

Horrible Smell or Taste

When certain irritants get into your water, they create a strong chemical smell that’s not pleasant at best and may result in sickness at worst. When you run your faucet and notice a very distinct sulfur-like smell, that’s a frequent sign that your backwater preventer needs repairing. It would be best to avoid drinking or using the water on anything that goes in your mouth until you make the necessary repairs. When a backflow preventer becomes significantly damaged, many homeowners investigate the benefits of a custom preventer, which offers additional features and may require less maintenance in the long run.