Ah, summer: the season that allows us to live outside. As the bite of autumn ushers us indoors, we may find ourselves feeling gloomy and discontented with our surroundings. But you don’t have to spend the fall season in discomfort! Just try these simple projects to make your home cozier this fall. You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll love your space!

Switch Out Your Textiles

From sheets to tablecloths, it’s time to swap your linens. The bright and cheery colors of summer clash against the neutral landscape of fall and will only make your grumpiness worse. Help your home transition with the seasons by matching the cozy textures and colors of autumn. Exchange your light and airy tablecloths, hand towels, throw blankets and pillows, and bedding with textiles featuring neutral or jewel-toned colors and cozier textures, such as cable-knit or velvet.

Add More Light

Autumn is a significantly darker and drearier season than summer. Bring in the coziness and cheer with fall-scented candles, the warm glow of table lamps, and even bistro-style string lights. The best part? You can add more light just about anywhere in your home—from your powder room to your den to your master suite.

Clean Up and Organize

Cleaning and organizing your spaces is a simple project to make your home cozier this fall. You’ll feel so much better in your space without all the dust and clutter! From hiring a professional tile and carpet cleaner to organizing your closets, you can do so much to breathe easier in your home. Another great project idea is giving your walk-in pantry a makeover. Think new containers, fresh paint, and even a coffee station.

Cozy Up Your Decor

There are so many ways to cozy up your home decor. Replace a few art pieces with fall-themed artwork, add a few pumpkins to your porch steps, and create an autumn bouquet for your dining room table. You can even add a candy dish filled with delicious fall candies, such as caramels or seasonal Hershey’s kisses.