Many components in your kitchen seem essential, like an oven, cabinets, and a sink. However, have you ever considered that a water filter might be an essential component to install in your kitchen?

It’s a common assumption that tap water is good to go on its own. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of installing a water filter in your sink and decide if this change is for you.

It Protects Against Germs

If you wanted germs in your water, you would just drink straight from the nearest body of water. However, installing a water filter in your sink is a cost-effective way to keep these germs out of your home’s water.

Municipal governments treat water to make it safe enough to consume, but unfortunately, that’s still not enough to prevent certain individuals from getting exposed to problems. The difference between well water and municipal water isn’t as great as you would think because both sources could result in exposure to contaminants. Some of the most common contaminants in tap water are heavy metals like lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and microbes like parasites, bacteria, viruses, and disinfectants.

Your Baking and Cooking Will Be More Consistent

Did you know that water quality can affect the food that you make? If any of your recipes call for water, you can keep your baking and cooking more consistent by using filtered water.

As you know, contaminants can end up in your water supply even after the municipal government treats it. These compounds could also appear in your food, but you won’t have to worry if you use filtered water. In addition, filtered water is better for baked goods that need a leavening agent.

You Can Improve the Flavor of Ice, Tea, and Coffee

Filtered water is the perfect ingredient for drinks like coffee and tea. When water is “hard” or has too many dissolved minerals, it can’t absorb as many flavor molecules during brewing.

Therefore, filtered water makes for better-tasting coffee and tea. The same holds true if you like to make ice at home. Ice is susceptible to minerals, and your ice tastes worse when you use hard water.

Overall, the benefits of installing a water filter in your sink are too great to ignore. Now that you know a few, consider bringing this crucial kitchen component into your home to reap the benefits immediately.