If it’s time to give your bedroom an update, consider doing it in an eco-friendly way. Redecorating with a greener bent is possible without sacrificing beauty or quality. Consider the following tips for going green with your bedroom decorating. You’ll create a bedroom that’s a pleasure to wake up in and is even kinder to the environment!

A New Coat of Paint

The first and surest way to spruce up any room and give it a new lease on life is a fresh coat (or two) of paint. In general, lighter colors provide a more pleasant and brighter look to a space, so lean toward yellows, light pinks, pale blues and greens, and other colors and hues that reflect light gloriously. Before you have the paint mixed, blended, and paid for, be sure you’re purchasing VOC-free paint. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, include several chemicals that are bad for your health and the environment. They can cause cancer and can dissipate into the air as the paint dries. They also linger for a long time. It’s easier than ever to find VOC-free paint, but check the label before you buy.

Pick the Proper Furniture

When selecting your furnishings, make sure you pick pieces made from a sustainable material like wood; cotton, wool, hemp, and the like are also good options. You have plenty of choices for eco-friendly mattresses, believe it or not, and even vegan ones. Look for the above materials as well as natural latex mattresses—many are available from companies that pay their workers a fair wage. Also, consider the eco-friendliness of thrifting. Find and save wonderful pieces of furniture from the trash heap by picking up pieces at thrift stores and antique shops, or even garage and yard sales. Give them a new life with a paint or refinishing and re-upholstery job.

Loving Light

Make sure you’re making the most of natural light in your bedroom. Buy and place gauzy curtains that provide privacy without sacrificing sunlight. This helps keep the room warm during winter as well, which lowers your heating bills. Add shades to lower the temps during the hotter months as well. A few mirrors on the walls or a standing floor mirror will catch the sunlight and scatter it further. Switch the LED bulbs and strategically place your table and floor lamps to provide the greatest amount of light over the area.

Go Really Green

Here’s one of our final tips for going green with your bedroom decorating: appoint your room with leafy and flowering friends. Plants add a lovely ambience to any room. More than that, they create oxygen that freshens up the space as well as pleasant scents that are lovelier than any scented candle or automatic air freshener. Gauge the sunlight levels in your room and ask your local gardening center for suggestions on the best plants for your room.