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Many people have pools and almost all of them look exactly the same. If you’re interested in differentiating your pool from an endless sea of aqua blue rectangles, there are numerous different ways to do so. From switching up the color to installing an intriguing mosaic, here are some examples of unique ways to make your pool stand out.

Opt for an Uncommon Color

Everyone has seen aqua blue pools. To make your pool pop, consider opting for a more uncommon color. Rather than a standard blue color, consider painting your pool a more unexpected shade such as bright pink, black, green, or purple. Doing so will surely make your little oasis stand out amongst countless azure swimming pools.

Invest In Intriguing Lighting

If painting your pool a unique color is a bit too bold for your taste, investing in intriguing lighting is a more tame alternative. For example, you could install lighting that changes color so that it gives your pool the illusion of being a unique shade without having to fully commit to an adventurous color.

Install a Mesmerizing Mosaic

Another unique way to make your pool stand out is by installing a mesmerizing mosaic. Instead of plain tiles, something a little more visually intriguing such as a mermaid tile mosaic will surely turn some heads.

Choose an Unusual Shape

If you haven’t installed your pool yet or are thinking of expanding it, choosing a more unusual shape can help your pool stand out. Since most pools have a square shape, consider opting for something a little more distinctive such as a hexagon, doughnut, or blob-like shape.

Add a Waterfall

One of the most practical ways to make your pool more eye-catching is by adding a waterfall. In addition to enhancing the visual appearance of your pool, a waterfall serves as an added source of filtration and will help prevent algae from accumulating. Talk about a win-win.