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Bath Fitter was founded in 1984 in Montreal, Canada, by Brian Cotton and his two brothers, Wayne and Glenn. Their goal was to make it easier and more time-effective for commercial properties to update their old, worn bathtubs. Today, Bath Fitter products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Homeowners and commercial customers can choose from a product line that includes acrylic bathtubs and shower liners, free standing bathtub and shower bases, acrylic seamless walls, domed ceilings, tub and shower doors, accessories and wainscoting. We offer custom solutions to meet your bathroom remodeling needs.

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  • The beautiful bath you’ve always wanted
  • Bath Fitter
  • Bath Fitter
  • Bath Fitter
  • Before & After
  • Transform your bath to a spacious new shower
  • Before & After
  • Transform your bath into a beautiful shower
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