With fall officially upon us, many homeowners are finding creative ways to decorate their homes to embrace the season. It’s easy enough to decorate outside and common areas inside the home, but how can you highlight this festivity in smaller spaces, like bathrooms? Don’t let your creativity stop at the threshold—keep reading to find four ways to style your bathroom for the fall season.

Choose a Fall Color Palette

Start by embracing the warm tones of autumn by featuring a fall-themed color palette in your bathroom. Look for your favorite bathroom accessories, like bathmats, towels, and washcloths in hues of warm reds, yellows, and oranges. You might even find decorative towels with festive fall leaves and pumpkins embroidered onto them. And don’t forget about your shower curtain—swap it out for a neutral color of your choice to add to the palette you’ve created.f

Feature Fall Flowers

Flowers make great additions to your bathroom as they add a pop of color and a nice smell. Try adding a vase full of beautiful, in-season chrysanthemums, pansies, sunflowers, grasses, or leaves in the fall months. These traditional fall florae make a great accent piece for any room in your home and look especially nice as another pop of color in the bathroom.

Swap Soaps and Other Scents

You can embrace the festivity by swapping out your usual soaps and other scents for fall-themed ones. You can find pumpkin spice-themed anything almost anywhere nowadays, so grab a bottle of hand soap, a wax melt, a fall candle, and more for your bathroom or any room. Being surrounded by the warm, sweet smells of the season can help you relax, no matter the room.

Incorporate Fall Décor

Finally, one of the most effective ways to extend this theme is to decorate your bathroom with seasonal goodies, like pumpkins, gourds, signs, plates, and any other festive décor. You can scatter these items all around the room on shelves, countertops, and more—get creative with it.

Once you implement these different ways to style your bathroom for the fall season, your whole home will feel connected with festive decoration. Your family and your guests will love the décor and the festive scents and sights throughout your house.