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You can love every other room and aspect of your forever home, but if the bathroom needs an upgrade, you may find yourself longing for something better. An out-of-date bathroom doesn’t just affect you and your household, it can impact your guests’ opinion of your home and impact the house’s resale price—if you ever want to sell it.

Instead of settling for a drab bathroom from the cookie-cutter dreams of the mid-2000s, find new ways to update the look of your bathroom and create a luxurious space that you’ll never want to leave.

Play With Textures and Backsplashes

Simply covering a bathroom’s wall with paint or wallpaper isn’t enough to make it a bathroom worth remembering, whether it’s your private en suite or a guest bathroom. If you want a truly modern design, go bold with the fundamentals that make up your bathroom.

Your bathroom is the perfect place to try unique wall designs or add a beautiful backsplash around the sink or shower. Choose smooth tiles or natural rocks to complete the design—don’t choose the same design as your sink’s counter or bathtub, as this makes the room blend together. We all love a good marble or granite countertop, but putting it on both the wall and the counter might prove excessive.

Install a New Countertop

Consider installing a new countertop for your bathroom sink if you’re bored with the old one. Whether you need a luxurious, unique material or a functional, simple design, how to choose the right bathroom countertop hinges on what you need the most out of the space.

For bathrooms without a countertop, try switching the sink out for something more unique—something you haven’t seen in a home before. You could try a new sink shape, a new faucet, or even a countertop-mounted sink if you don’t have one already!

Touch up the Grout

How long has it been since you updated the grout lines in your bathroom tile? If you haven’t done it in more than a year, your grout could use a touch-up. This is one of the simplest ways to update the look of your bathroom. Filling in the grout lines can immediately refresh the space. Try using a new color for the grout to make your tiles or natural stone pop more than they did before. Even switching to black from white or gray can create a dramatic effect.