Most people see a driveway as a strip of roadway to park their vehicles on; however, they have other purposes pertaining to your home. Knowing what to consider when paving a new driveway helps differentiate between various options, giving you the most curb appeal.

Type of Driveway

There are two types of driveways worth considering: permeable and impermeable. If your current driveway or home is vulnerable to flooding, permeable is the best option, especially when adding a heated layer beneath it to help with snow or ice in the winter.

The main benefit of an impermeable driveway is that it requires less future maintenance. The upkeep of a permeable driveway might be costly, whereas an impermeable driveway doesn’t need as much care after it’s complete.

Variety of Materials

When looking for the finest pavers for driveways, you must think about the kind of material that you want. There are many distinct varieties, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that could pertain to you. There is no shortage of options available between concrete, cobblestone, brick, rubber, and even plastic. Again, it all depends on your end game for installing the driveway.

Brick has a lot of visual allure and is available in a variety of styles. Although brick pavers are environmentally safe, they are susceptible to damage and deterioration. They also need regular maintenance to remain in excellent condition.

Concrete pavers are also versatile in terms of style and are simple to install. Although, the color will fade faster and these pavers are susceptible to cracking from significant temperature changes. Like brick, the upkeep can add up quickly and require professionals to treat it constantly.

Bluestone is a stunning blue stone that is also quite resilient. However, it’s too simple to buy imitation bluestone, and genuine bluestone is expensive. Flagstone is a durable alternative but costs a pretty penny because it’s obtained from natural resources.

Cobblestone, marble, travertine, and porcelain are all beautiful but prone to cracking under pressure.  Rubber pavers are tough but lack flair and aren’t eco-friendly. The most enduring plastic paver is gravel or grass-filled plastic pavers, which come in several shapes. They are the most environmentally friendly material because they consist of recycled plastic.

Find the Best Contractor

Aesthetics, longevity, affordability, and environmental friendliness play a role in your selection, so you will want to use pavers that have a book of credentials.

Paving businesses who want your business should be able to give references for their prior work, just like any other contractor. Your optimal paving contractor has previous customers in your neighborhood that they can refer you to for feedback and many reviews you can find online. This will give you a solid understanding of how efficient the workers are. Lastly, don’t forget to look for pictures of their past work. Pictures can say a thousand words, so that might be all you need before choosing a contractor.

After learning the considerations for paving a new driveway, you now know it’s more than a concrete slab for your cars. Only you know what’s best for your home, so choose wisely.