When you buy a deck, the top priority on your list of deck-related activities should be maintaining it. Why would you buy something and not care for it? The question may seem simple, but many people buy a deck and forget about it until two years later when their deck shows peeling, dry rot, and other issues. Read on to discover why it’s important to take care of your deck from day one.

It Increases Property Value

Many homeowners don’t consider selling or renting out their homes as they make additions to their property. However, while you may not be thinking about it now, you might consider moving at some point in the future. A deck in ruins is a serious liability to the home-selling process. If you fail to maintain your deck, it becomes an eyesore that will turn many buyers away.

Meanwhile, a well-maintained deck is a boon to your selling or renting efforts. A gorgeous deck is something that people actively seek out. One of the advantages of a custom-made deck specifically is the aesthetic appeal. As such, your house reaches the top of everyone’s list, especially if the other houses in the neighborhood don’t have one.

It’s Safer

In addition to increasing property value, a clean and well-maintained deck is safer. A poorly maintained deck is more vulnerable to discoloration, paint peeling, and other chemical issues. In addition to this, maintaining your deck mitigates wood rot, which makes your wooden planks weak and brittle. Dry rot is a fungus that can take away from your deck and turn your wood into soft, discolored planks that you can’t even walk on because it might cause an accident.

There have been instances of people falling through their decks or causing them to weaken even further from traffic due to weak deck ledge boards. You don’t want to be one of those people with an unsafe deck, so you should maintain it now before you’ll need to repair it or tear it down altogether.

Increased Lifespan

One of the most important reasons to maintain your deck is that you can make it last for years. A deck’s life span ranges from 15 to 25 years. This makes maintaining your deck for a half-hour once every week or so well worth it. As stated above, a poorly maintained deck is a liability. Even if an accident doesn’t happen, at the very least, you’ll have a deck that can stand the test of time. You bought it, so the onus is on you to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape and lasts for its entire lifespan.

In short, maintaining your deck is an easy chore that provides many benefits. Failing to maintain it properly can cost you dividends and even opportunities in the long run. All it takes is a half-hour every one to two weeks. Sweep, treat any problems with dry rot early, and be aware of the investment you made to beautify your home.