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6 Decorating Trends to Keep an Eye On

Ready to update your home? Well, I’ve chosen six of my favorite  decorating trends that’s all the buzz right now — both the ones still going strong even though they’ve been around for awhile, and the up-and-coming ideas for the New Year you’ll want to embrace now to become the Queen / King of home decor!

  1. BLUE  — All day, Everyday

This classic hue is always in style! Shades range from sky to indigo to teal, and sometimes all in one space. Since it’s timeless, you won’t tire of it quickly and it plays well with other colors: coral, yellow, green. What’s not to love?

  1. Pop and Funk

Decorating Trends
If you want to take on a more chic look with bold and beautiful pop art prints now’s your chance. Oversize polka dots, swirling abstract patterns, and simple squares create playful contrast in an otherwise serious space.

  1. Modern Pastels

Muted hues, whether periwinkle, soft pink, or powder blue, have become a fashion statement creating a monochromatic effect. Fashion a relaxing haven by mixing multiple pastels in furniture, accents, and artwork.

  1. Metallic

As metallic trends continue to grow, copper is a favorite. This finish features a warmer reddish hue than gold, making it a top choice for light fixtures, appliances, and accessories. Incorporate the metal in small doses with cabinetry hardware, or make a full-on sparkle statement with a shining pendant. 

  1. Industrial Accents

Industrial accents are everywhere and lend a vintage-urban feel to a room. Take a trip to flea markets and antique stores for some sources for these goodies. Plenty of home retailers are also embracing the trend, so you’re likely to find these pullies and rustic bins there too!

  1. Get Your Country On!

Looking for a softer approach that’s just as trendy as the industrial? Do you like an old country-style homey feel? Go farmhouse. Now, if farmhouse conjures up images of chickens and geese, and that’s not your thing, the new look of farmhouse offers something different. It’s still rustic and charming, but with a little more flair.