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Curb appeal can help homeowners sell their home or provide a welcoming environment for guests. Increase your home’s curb appeal with these eye-catching design ideas for your house’s exterior.

  1. Outdoor Curtains

Curtains outdoors? You might be wondering how this would enhance your home’s curb appeal, but these wispy, barely-there panels are a pretty and inviting. They shield direct sunlight and neighboring views to create a private oasis.

  1. Industrial Accents

Curb Appeal
Industrial accents can provide an urban appeal to your front door. This minimalist trend is all the hype. Washed-out wood pairs work exceptionally well with slate-color metals, and the duo springs to life when combined with nature’s hues.

  1. Garage 

Garage doors look the best if you model it to match your home’s style, which will easily boost your home appeal. X-motifs and windows seamlessly integrate with this charming exterior. Not ready to splurge on a new door? A fresh coat of paint or an above-the-garage pergola are also noteworthy upgrades.

  1. Light Up Your Driveway

A lighted driveway is one of my favorite ways to create curb appeal. At my home, I have a brick wall lining the driveway with lights at each corner. It makes your home welcoming in the evening hours, and also deters any trips and falls that can occur at night. Hardwire low voltage lighting or purchase high quality solar versions that can be staked in the ground. 

  1. Create an Appealing Path

Pavement is ok, but consider upgrading to a wide stone, brick, or curved cobblestone, or adding a hardscape in a tiled design to welcome visitors to your door.