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Are you tired of your empty, boring walls? Do you want to fill them in with something unique—something you’ve created with your own two hands? There are plenty of wall fixtures and decorations that you can design yourself to ensure that no one else has the exact same décor in their house. With these crafty ways to decorate an empty wall, you’ll put a priceless personal touch on your home’s interior design without a steep cost.

Make Your Own Floating Shelves

Not only do floating shelves make your walls look good, but they’re also useful in any room of the house. If you like crafting with wood, consider designing your own style of shelves to secure on the wall. Make cubes, use painted wood, or stain and finish wood for a more rustic design. If you’d rather repurpose and recycle objects around your home, you can repurpose just about anything into shelves.

Consider these creative materials when you’re looking for a unique shelf design:

  • Milk crates
  • Books
  • Fencing
  • Ladders
  • Large embroidery hoops (for tiny treasures)
  • Pallets

As a general precaution, if you decide to use pallets—or any repurposed wood—avoid using wood with stains from chemical or food spills. Make sure to look for an “HT,” “EUR,” or “EPAL” marking—these ensure that the manufacturers treated the pallets with heat rather than chemicals. If you see “MB,” or if the pallet is painted a different color than natural wood, don’t use it for any craft!

Cultivate a Wall Garden

Got a green thumb? Show off your love of gardening right on your wall with a framed succulent garden. These tiny plants require minimal care and are happy to hang directly on your wall. The concept is simple—all you need is a shadow box frame, a plastic liner for landscaping, chicken wire, a staple gun, sphagnum moss, and your succulents.

For a project that spans the length of your wall, consider creating a succulent wall garden with shelves or even a vertical hydroponic garden. Though this project may require more work, it’s the best way to show off your love of gardening with chic interior design.

Paint Your Own Accent Wall

If painting is more your type of hobby than working with wood or gardening, an accent wall is the most relevant of these crafty ways to decorate an empty wall for you. An entirely bare wall is the best canvas—you won’t need to fill in any holes or worry about painting over an existing design.

First, sketch out a few different patterns on paper or browse the internet for ideas. Once you have a geometric design, place painter’s tape on the walls where you want the original color of the wall to segment the shapes. Make sure to measure carefully to avoid making unfortunate mistakes. All that’s left is to get painting with your favorite color or colors! Once you finish, you’ll have an accent wall that’s unique to your home.