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Ideas for Crafts Made of Recycled Materials For Your Home

Are you mulling over what to do with the waste in your home? Creative reuse and recycle ideas turn ordinary, broken or useless objects into functional, handy, and stylish items that can be turned into your home decor. Do It Yourself enthusiasts find fascinating ways to recycle and up-cycle old and new items into home furnishings that save money and help create truly personal, eco-friendly, and attractive living spaces.

  1. Spice Rack

Transform a rectangular cutting board by using screws to attach small wooden cheese boxes. Add a leather strap for hanging and you’re good to go! 
What You’ll Need:

  • Vintage wooden cheese boxes (Etsy.com) – $11
  1. Mirror 

Use mirror hanger clippers to secure a plain rectangular mirror to a slightly larger cutting board and leave a few extra inches at the bottom. Screw wire coat hooks into the lower edge to add storage 
What You’ll Need: 

  • Mirror hanging clips (Lowes) – $3 
  1. Clock 

Drill a hole in the center of a round cutting board and insert clock hardware. Attach metal number tags with black steel tacks. 
What You’ll Need: 

  • High torque clock movement (clockwork.com) – $8
  • Metal # tags (Etsy.com) – $8
  1. Map Chair 

Chart a stylish seat by decoupaging pieces (strips or squares you can decide what you like best) of old maps to a chair using a medium-strength adhesive like Mod Podge (available at craft stores like Michael’s). Apply several layers of glue, allowing the surface to dry between coats. 

  1. Red Wagon Bar Cart 

Remove wheels and axels from three carts that are about the same length and size. For the  bottom shelf, attach galvanized floor flanges on the inside four corners with nuts and bolts. Mount casters to the undersides. For the middle shelf, attach two floor flanges (one of the inside, one on the bottom) in all four corners with nuts and bolts. Use screws and Liquid Nails to adhere wooden dowels (about one foot in length) to the center of the flanges to build one unified structure.