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Cheap Home DIY Projects

If you only have little time and little money, you can still add lots of charm all around your home for a cheap price. It doesn’t have to be expensive to add some colorful decorations to your home!
Here are some easy and cheap do-it-yourself projects to consider.

  1. Update Lighting 

Add comfort, convenience, and character with the right lighting. Update the chandelier over the dining room table. Add simple plug-in puck lights under kitchen cabinets and inside closets. Cozy up a dark corner with an accent light. Install mini accent lights above wall art or framed family photos.

  1. The Foyer

Clean out the clutter that accumulates around the front door. Maybe your kids tend to pile up their shoes or there are extra bags lying around. Include a storage unit to keep mail, car keys, and other essentials in order. If space permits, include a small bistro table and chairs for a cute conversation space.

  1. Display Your Collections 

Use open shelving throughout the house to store and display collectibles, such as knick-knacks, vases, tea kettles, etc. In addition to adding storage, the airy shelves can also make a small room feel larger.

  1. Beaded Board for your Bathroom 

Add dimension and charm to bathroom walls with beaded board. Save money by tackling the project yourself in a weekend and using panels. Panels are identical to authentic beaded board, and they are sold in lightweight 4×8-foot sheets for about $20 each.

  1. Decorate your Shutters

Make your home look good inside and out with decorative indoor shutters. Traditional wood shutters and plantation shutters add rustic appeal. Some even help insulate your cozy spaces.