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When you’ve taken it upon yourself to start painting a part of your home, there are many things that can go wrong if you’re not used to the work. Painting seems simple on the surface but is much more involved than most people might think. If you want to avoid these common mistakes made while painting, you’re going to need to be very vigilant and plan as far ahead as you can. This will prevent any annoying touchups or repainting you might have to do later.

Leaving the Lid Off the Can

This is a classic amateur mistake that is extremely frustrating—leaving the paint lid off its can will cause a whole host of issues. You might accidentally step on it and start tracking paint everywhere. You might forget which lid goes with which can if you’re using similar colors. Other items can fall into the open paint can, such as debris or your cell phone. The list goes on for why you should always remember to replace the lid when you’re not using the can.

Over-brushing the Paint

Yes, there is such a thing as brushing too much. In fact, over-brushing happens far earlier in the painting process than you might realize. Paint the color onto the wall in thin coats, then go over it again with the brush or roller one or two times. Any more than this can lead to the paint having a rough finish or showing visible brushstrokes in the paint, which is a texture that never looks good.

Painting Without Enough Light

The shadows of a dimly lit room can hide a lot of flaws in what otherwise looks like a good paint job. Always be sure that the room is brightly lit when you’re painting. This will allow you to see more clearly where the paint is patchy or not dry, allowing you to touch those areas up before they become a problem.

Not Taking Care of Your Equipment

One of the most common mistakes made while painting is not respecting your tools enough. Your brushes and rollers will be much less effective if you don’t take the time to properly clean them. They can even cause detrimental effects to your paint job’s finish if you’re not careful. Remember to thoroughly clean any remaining paint out of your tools if you want to keep their lifespans long.

The more you can avoid these mistakes, the smoother and better your paint job will look. All these mistakes come from not taking the time to think through what you’re doing. Remember to be methodical in your painting approach, and you will get through it just fine.