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Curb appeal is a crucial component in not only maintaining the value of your home but also in ensuring it fits with your look and style. So, when the exterior begins to show signs of wear and decay, it’s important that you perform the necessary upkeep. Here are a few helpful tips to maintain your home’s exterior, so it can both look and live the part.

Power Wash Your Siding

Our home’s siding, while meant to withstand elemental rigors, can collect ample amounts of dirt and dust. This leaves your siding looking worn and muted; it can even hide potentially costly damage. So, your first step to caring for your home’s exterior should always involve a good power washing. When performing this task, wash evenly over the surface by cleaning one side of the house at a time. Then, for tougher stains, use soapy water and a firm brush to scrub them away.

Clean Out Gutters and Window Wells

Remembering to clean out your gutters and window wells is also essential to preserving your home’s appearance and value. Since we’re rarely at eye level with these areas, it can be easy to forget that they often become clogged. When they do, you risk water overflowing during harsh storms and even sustaining flood damage as a result. For this reason, cleaning debris out of your gutters regularly, especially in the fall, can keep your yard level and solid.

Inspect Your Shutters for Damage

Another important tip to maintain your home’s exterior is to give some attention to your exterior shutters. Though they might not seem like much, these accessories perform several useful functions including protecting your windows, limiting external light, and increasing your level of privacy. As such, inspecting them is one of the best ways to keep them working properly and looking great. You can also care for your exterior shutters by washing, repainting, or refinishing them.

Clean Windows and Fill in Leaks

Make sure that you’re inspecting your windows and sealing off any potential leaks with caulk. This will help guarantee that you aren’t wasting money on higher electric bills and that your windows continue to protect your home’s interior from the weather. You should also regularly clean the exterior of your windows to remove any dirt from the panes. Doing so will make them easier to see out of and make the home appear cleaner overall.