Introducing eco-friendly changes to every room in your home isn’t only about being environmentally friendly—they can also save you a few bucks! Learn how to make your house greener and your monthly bills more affordable with our guide!

Living Room: Install Ceiling Fans

Heating and cooling your home can add up on your energy bill, especially when it comes to your living room, which is where we spend a lot of time. Living rooms can also be tricky to heat and cool due to their size and openness, but a ceiling fan or two can go a long way.

Installing a ceiling fan trades a short-term cost for long-term savings. A fan circulates the air in a room, so the air conditioning unit and heater expend less energy to heat and cool the home. A fan can reduce heating and cooling costs by eight percent over a year!

Kitchen: Expand Natural Lighting

When cooking and prepping food, you need plenty of light to see what you’re doing—which means using lights and electricity. Cut down on your electric bill by letting more natural light into your kitchen!

Natural light is the most sustainable way to light your home, so get rid of any curtains or blinds that darken your kitchen and save on lighting costs! You could even consider adding or expanding your windows for greater sun exposure.

Bathroom: Low-Flow Showerheads

Did you know that, on average, Americans use 27 gallons of water in their showers every day? That number is even higher in many cases, and can account for a fifth or more of a home’s water usage. There’s an easy solution to cut down that number: low-flow showerheads.

Some shudder at the very thought of low-flow showerheads, but technology has developed where water-efficient showerheads provide much better pressure than they used to. If you’re a household that takes a lot of showers, you can save water and put a massive dent in your water bill with a new showerhead!

Bedroom: Organic Bed Materials

You can promote sustainability in the bedroom by opting for organic materials. Instead of synthetic materials with chemicals that are harmful to the environment, opt for a bed and bedding made from organic materials like bamboo, cotton, or hemp.

Such organic bed materials you can find easily include:

  • Mattress
  • Mattress cover
  • Bed frame
  • Bedding

They’re just as comfortable, stylish, and luxurious as synthetic bedding materials, but much better for the environment!

Promoting sustainability and a green lifestyle is something we can all do! These eco-friendly changes to make in every room help the environment, and will even help you put a little more money in your wallet every month.