The heat of the summer months drives many homeowners to look into home insulation for relief from the warm temperatures indoors. If you’re considering installing or reapplying your home’s insulation, you should know several factors first. Before starting your renovation, you must know the common home insulation mistakes to avoid for a successful installation.

Leaving Gaps in the Insulation

If you feel a draft in your home even after you’ve finished an insulation project, this is a bad sign you may have left gaps in the material. Home insulation can only be fully effective if it completely covers the surface you’re insulating. Air will commonly flow into your home through gaps or cracks in your siding, which can then slip through gaps in your material. No matter how new your insulation is, if you or your contractor don’t install it correctly, you won’t be able to reap its full benefits.

Applying the Wrong Type of Insulationhome

If you’re considering home insulation, you might already know that there are various choices when it comes to insulation types. Even once you choose your insulation material, there are multiple categories of each. For example, there are multiple types of spray foam insulation, and each material has its own unique guidelines and uses. Each type of home insulation possesses a distinct R-value, and some are more effective than others. Consult your local contractor for help choosing which type of insulation is best for your home.

Trying To Tackle It Yourself

Finally, another common mistake is trying to complete the installation yourself. Insulation is not an easy renovation project to do yourself. In fact, trying to save some money and install it on your own could lead to other problems, such as gaps in the insulation or the use of the wrong type. For the best results, you should contact your local insulation contractor. They have the experience and equipment to perform a professional installation that most homeowners can’t accomplish on their own.

Regardless of whether you plan to install your own insulation or not, you should consider these common home insulation mistakes. Understanding your materials and application site can help you have a more successful insulation application. Insulation adds value to your home if you follow the correct procedures and avoid these common mistakes.