Modern rustic styles of interior design have become increasingly popular in recent years. This style blends clean neutrals with vintage elements to create a warm and welcoming space. If you want to accomplish this style in your home, learn how to achieve the farmhouse style of interior design through a few basic changes.

Start With Neutral Colors

When designing a farmhouse-style space, it’s best to start with a clean and neutral color palette. Soft, clean colors, such as off-whites, beiges, and grays, are best for matching the farmhouse style. Neutral colors are calming and help provide the perfect backdrop for your ranch elements.

Add Vintage Elements

The farmhouse style of interior design is all about balancing the old and the new. You’ll usually find vintage items scattered throughout farmhouses in this style of interior design. Try visiting your local thrift store to find some authentic farmhouse decorations. Adding vintage items to your walls, shelves, and elsewhere throughout your rooms is a perfect way to mix in some old accents with a modern farmhouse style.

Incorporate Different Finishes

When selecting décor and furniture for your farmhouse-style store, try to incorporate a variety of unique textures and finishes. Ranch houses often feature various materials, such as wood, metal, stone, and more. If you have wooden furniture options, you could even try painting them.

Distressed textures are popular in this style of home. You can achieve this by lightly sanding over your painted wood furniture, such as tables, chairs, desks, and more. Pair these textures with vintage elements to create a warm and natural environment.

Go-To Decorations

When trying to achieve a farmhouse style of interior design, there are a few go-to decorations that you will want to pick up. Items such as Mason jars, wire baskets, wooden crates, and more are popular additions to any ranch-style space. You can also style your home with woven rugs or blankets.

Following these basic tips will help you better understand how to achieve a farmhouse interior design style at home. Now that you know the key elements of a rustic ranch-style home, incorporate these elements into your design.