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The lights in your home are meant to serve the purpose of illumination, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be used to make you feel comfortable and at home. Because of this, lights can range from practical to decorative to something in between. Knowing how to improve your home’s lighting can make for a more comfortable living environment.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are one of those cosmetic changes that can quickly enhance the mood of your home. You can control how much or how little light you allow into any one space. Whether it is for the purpose of relaxation or to save on energy costs, you can change the amount of light in the room based on how you’re feeling or how much natural light a room already receives.

Upgrade To LEDs

Many households still use incandescent light bulbs, but LEDs have grown in popularity in recent years. Their growing use is due to their more modern design and improved lighting capabilities. There are several ways that LEDs can enhance your home, but for a start, they offer excellent light coverage, smoother lighting overall, and consume a fraction of the energy of older bulbs.

Spotlight Your Yard

Lights don’t just have to be on the inside of your home; you can place them around your yard for aesthetic purposes as well. You can point them upward to illuminate tall trees, landscaped bushes, statues, or fountains, highlighting the beauty of your home’s exterior. Pick and choose what aspects you want to accentuate and what areas you want to draw attention away from.

Motion Sensors

Improving your home’s lighting can serve a practical purpose both inside and outside the home. When installed outside, you can program them to activate in the event someone comes a little too close to your house. This can serve as a simple, passive security system that lets you know who is approaching. Likewise, you can place sensors inside your home to light up especially dark corridors or rooms to without having to struggle to find a light switch.

The Best Locations

Examine your home and determine what rooms and locations can most benefit from improved lighting. Whether they are purely aesthetic or serve a function, lights can come in handy throughout your entire home. Experiment with the placement of different lights and see what calls out to you in terms of comfort, practicality, and security.