If you’re planning a home renovation, there are a few steps you can take to make sure the process goes smoothly. Make sure you’re keeping your family and belongings safe with these tips for how to keep your home safe during a renovation.

Secure Children and Pets

The most important thing to prioritize during a renovation project is the safety of your family. Make sure to always account for children and pets. It’s best to keep pets contained in a certain room or blocked-off area of the house so that they can’t go pawing into your construction zone. For children who are old enough, make sure to teach them the proper safety rules. They should stay away from power tools and the construction site in general, so make sure they understand where they can and can’t play.

Clean Up Each Day

To prevent accidents, damages, and more, you or your team of contractors should clean up the site at the end of each day’s work. Never leave power tools or cables lying out in the open. Sweep or vacuum up dust and other debris. Try to leave as little equipment on-site as possible to prevent theft as well. If you know hazardous chemicals or other fumes will be involved in the renovation process, make sure to open the house to circulate fresh air in. You may even consider staying remotely until your renovation is complete.

Store Away Your Valuables

Storing your valuables in a safe or secondary location can help prevent theft but it also prevents damage to treasured familiar heirlooms as well. If you are DIYing your own home improvement projects, your valuables may not be at risk of theft, but they can still be lost or damaged. Move your more breakable decorations, furniture, and more away from the renovation site to protect them from the chaos and unpredictability of the renovation process.

Whatever your reason for renovating your home, from the smallest changes to completely gutting it, make sure that you know how to keep your home safe during a renovation. Even small projects can be hazardous, so always proceed with caution and follow these home improvement safety tips.