If you have a good grasp of your home, then you know all the entry points and where it is weakest. Once you determine the weakest spots, you will know how to easily spot an intruder long before they ever make it to your house, much less inside it. Because you know your home better than anyone else, you should know what your home’s first line of security should be.


This may not come as a shock to some, but the main deterrent against burglary is doors. Security doors are a step up from standard doors, as they are made of steel and are virtually impenetrable. When you have a door that seals properly, it protects the main entryway into a home. It makes sense that this would be the first place a burglar would look to invade.


If you decide to hang lights around your house, you will create a natural border that burglars will likely stay away from. Bright lights would reveal the intruder’s identity and their intention to do you and your home harm. If you have lights installed, you might choose to have them on all night or just a portion of the night, but it’s up to you.

A Clear View

Another seemingly obvious deterrent involves keeping a clear line of sight. This means having a yard that is free and open with high visibility. If you keep your trees and shrubs manicured and cared for, you will always have a clear vision of what is in your yard. This alone will keep burglars at a distance, as they’ll know that you can clearly see them.

Cameras and Sensors

For those with fears of missing out, there are high-security cameras and motion sensors that work extremely well. These go off when an intruder is within a certain proximity of your home. Some people choose to put up motion sensor lights, while others have alarms, but again, this is entirely up to you. If you choose to purchase cameras, you can use them to playback activity from the night before. This can help support your case as evidence if you need to report anything to the authorities.

Any of these options can serve as your home’s first line of defense. It all depends on how far you’re willing to get involved and what you want to do with your estate.