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Often considered the most important room in the home, the kitchen is an ideal place to update because of how much time people spend there. One of the quickest ways to give the room an upgrade is to improve the available lighting. Here are some tips for turning up the brightness.

Add Additional Lighting

The easiest way to introduce additional brightness in the room is to install extra lighting. This can take the form of recessed lighting in the ceiling, but a much simpler method is to add lighting under the cabinets. Another option is to turn recessed lighting into pendant lights. This brings the source of light closer to everything else in the kitchen, better illuminating the room.

Add a Splash of Paint

Another great way to make your kitchen brighter is to repaint the walls and cabinetry in lighter shades. Painting the room and cabinets can breathe new life into a worn-out space. Using splashes of dark colors in select places can further aid in establishing the dynamic of the room. This makeover will also provide brighter surfaces for light to reflect off of.

Use Friendly Reflections

Speaking of reflections, you can place some decorations around your kitchen to create the illusion of additional lighting. Replacing the hardware on your cabinetry with metal alternatives will give the light an additional surface to reflect off of. The same is true of hanging up a mirror. The surface of the mirror shares light better than dark paint and hardwoods.

Up the Lumens

Finally, you can take the obvious step of replacing old incandescent bulbs with new LED lights. These produce greater amounts of lumens, or units of measurement for how bright something is. They can even save you money on your electricity bill due to how energy efficient they are. You can pick them up at most grocery, hardware, and retail stores.