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Vibrant Kitchen Color & Hues

Ready to take your kitchen to the next level this year? Add some kitchen color to your home with vibrant colors and hot new hues. 

Midcentury Style


This kitchen is charming  because its balance it met in design and color! The mod rectangles work beautifully with the grayish-blue cabinetry, stainless sink and attractive drawer hardware.

Hot Pepper

Hot peppers you say? Rich, spicy colors can liven up any space, but even more so in a kitchen where they’ll add to the energy of cooking and entertaining.

Purple Lilac

Purple is normally not used in the kitchen, but it’s becoming more and more popular. The soothing palette makes a great setting for a friendly tea party or a romantic evening meal.

Old Meets New

This kitchen has an urban feel to it, mixing authentic prewar materials and modern amenities. Warm-toned lacquered cabinets blend smoothly with the natural hardwoods and stainless steel finishes.

Caribbean Blues

The heart of the home should also be the happiest part of the home. Use a vibrant hue to evoke a smile and a feeling of tranquility. 

Euro-Style Kitchen Color

The richly stained island adds a focal point to the warm wood tones and tapestry patterns in this Euro-style kitchen.