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If you’re looking for a new look for a dated bathroom, check out some of the top trends in bathroom remodels for 2020. Pick and choose elements that please you to create a refuge for a long soak or a dramatic powder room to wow guests (that is, when we can have guests again).

Stand Alone Tubs

If you have the space, a stand-alone tub provides a dramatic focal point. From vintage clawfoot designs to modern, curvy, and even round soaking tubs, 2020 will see a lot of attention to what a new, free-standing tub can add to the ambiance of a bathroom.

Natural Features

Plants in the bathroom and even natural stone sinks are getting some traction this year. Placing the sink in front of a window instead of a mirror is an opportunity to bring in natural light. Additionally, tubs can be positioned in front of windows with a natural view, offering privacy with foliage. Earth tones in travertine and stone tiles are back for floors and walls, so opening up your space to more natural light and scenery will fit right in.

Shaped and Darker Tiles

Subway tile has had a long run. In 2020, bathroom designs more often feature scalloped, round, or angular tiles for a textured effect. Further, designers are employing darker colors in backsplashes or shower surrounds.

Open Showers with Linear Drains

Showers without thresholds have been common in luxury hotels and high-end homes for a while. Now, designers are featuring fixtures with open designs and minimizing shower drains by using linear slot drains along a shower’s edge rather than the traditional round drain in the center. The floor is gently sloped to draw the water away and down the drain.

Asymmetrical Framed Mirrors

If you don’t go for the idea of a window over the sink, options for mirrors are expanding. Framed mirrors in unusual shapes provide a bit of surprise and delight in a bathroom. Wood frames are also popular, as are frames made from brushed brass.

Integrated Lighting

Advances in lighting technology allow designs that incorporate lights in floors, ceilings, and around mirrors, saving space that would otherwise be taken up with light fixtures. Floor lighting adds interest around stand-alone tubs. Lighting gleaming from behind and under vanities without visible fixtures is another trend in 2020 bathroom remodel designs.

Remember to deal with the basics before going overboard when choosing fixtures and tiles. Talk to your contractor about what’s possible and what isn’t practical to avoid common mistakes in bathroom remodeling. For example, the positioning of your current plumbing may require you to dial back plans to move toilets and tubs. Ventilation and storage should also be addressed early in your planning.