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Ready for Spring? It’s right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start planning which flowers you want to plant. Create a beautiful color display in the summer garden with these gorgeous flowers below. 



The soft purple-lavender color of this flower will create an eye-catching look in the late summer garden. Reaching up to four-feet tall, the lavender, purple, pink or white blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Gayfeather needs full sun and air circulation to avoid mildew. 

Oriental Lily

This beauty is ideal for an end-of-summer garden since it’s once of the last flowers to bloom. Varieties include white, pink or red and may be spotted or striped. Plant in organic and acidic soil with good drainage five to six inches deep in full sun. 


This orange-yellow blooms are available in a vast array of shapes and sizes and can add a vibrant or soft color palette to the garden from early summer till fall. Plant tubers in a sunny location; mix organic matter such as compost or aged manure into well-drained soil before planting. 


This flower can reach three to six feet tall with blooms in a variety of colors. Plant “glads” in ordinary garden soil and in masses of five or more corms. They require no ground space so create clumps for height and color between fuller plants.