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Moving to New England from a warmer climate can be quite the shock once winter rolls around. If you’ve never experienced a snow-filled winter before, you’re in for a season full of surprises. To make the transition easier, read up on these things to know before moving to a snowy area.

Buy Your Winter Layers After the Move

Moving to a colder climate means you’ll have to trade in the flip flops and t-shirts for boots and an insulated jacket. You’ll soon learn the art of dressing in layers and figure out the importance of a warm turtleneck or pair of boots. While you don’t want to show up to your new winter home without any warm clothes, it’s best to buy the heavy layers after you move. Not only will it be less to pack, but you’ll probably have better luck finding a winter coat in New England than in Texas or Florida.

The Power of Four-Wheel Drive

Driving in the snow is tricky for first timers. It’ll take a lot of practice to adjust to the snow and ice. To make the transition easier, you can think about investing in a four-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive has many advantages, and it can keep you safer on winter roads.

Getting Outside

It may seem tempting to spend the winter bundled up under a blanket until spring, but this won’t do you any good. The more time you spend outside, the quicker you’ll acclimate to the new temperature. Instead of hibernating in the winter, try some fun outdoor winter activities. There are plenty of options to try out, including:

  • Skiing or snowboarding
  • Ice skating
  • Visiting a winter festival
  • Tubing or sledding

Moving from a sunny and warm state to a state with bitterly cold winters is quite the transition. Follow this guide of things to know before moving to a snowy area to make the move easier.