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Selling your home during the winter months is challenging. Getting people out of their warm and cozy homes to look at yours isn’t always easy, and it’s tough to maintain your home’s curb appeal. Follow these tips for how to preserve curb appeal in the winter to sell your house in any season.

Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

If you don’t have any outdoor light or if your system is showing signs it’s time to replace your lights, don’t hesitate. Outdoor lighting makes your home look safer and more attractive to buyers. During winter months, when the days are shorter, outdoor lighting can make your home look warm and welcoming, even when the sun sets.

Clear Away Snow

Clearing snow off sidewalks and driveways is one of the simplest ways to improve your curb appeal in the winter. Clearing surfaces will make your exterior look clean, tidy, and safe. It also signals to buyers that you’ve prioritized these values inside your home, too.

Add Some Plants

Sometimes our front lawns can look barren with a blanket of white snow covering up the landscaping. Thankfully, there’s plenty of winter-friendly outdoor plants you can use to spruce up bland landscaping. Adding a few potted plants near the front door can help your home look more welcoming.

Add Some Color

As we previously mentioned, a blanket of white snow doesn’t always look very inviting. Adding some colorful garden ornaments or a wreath, repainting the mailbox, or repainting the front door can add a pop of eye-catching color.

Keep a Tidy Lawn

Sometimes the snow can come in handy, like when it’s covering patches of dead grass. For the times where there isn’t snow on the ground yet, make sure to still take good care of your lawn. It may be too cold to grow fresh green grass, but you can always rake up leaves and debris for a cleaner look.

Use these tips for preserving your curb appeal in the winter, and your home will sell in no time.