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When you’re adding or extending a dock on your waterfront property, the last thing you want is a dock that will look worn out and decrepit in less than a few years. Build it right the first time and you’ll create a dock that every passerby and neighbor will envy. By keeping your dock properly maintained, it’ll outlive the test of time and add extra equity to your home’s value. Our tips for making your boat dock last longer will guide you through the process of creating a dream home for your boat.

Wash, Stain, and Maintain Your Dock

Whether you’re on lakefront property or live next to an access canal for a body of water, your dock will have to weather the worst of the worst. Precipitation, erosion, and grime are only some of the climate-based conditions that Mother Nature puts your dock through.

The material you use to build the dock can add extra years to it depending on which look you’re going for. Aluminum and composite docks may last a while but aren’t pretty to look at. Treated or modified wood are both beautiful and sturdy, so long as you take care of them. Don’t hesitate when it comes to replacing missing or damaged planks. Any holes in a dock become a danger for you, your guests, and your family.

Keeping your dock tidy can do wonders for its health and appearance. Prevent severe algae or grime buildup by power washing it away. Keep any unnecessary objects off the dock when you’re not using them and make sure to re-stain your dock every year. Use a stain that protects docks from the intense climate of your area, especially if the area experiences extreme weather such as hurricanes or flooding.

Build a Sturdy Foundation

No one wants a sinking, unstable dock when they need to get to their boat. A dock that starts sagging or sinking only causes you more stress and extra work—especially since foundation work is more difficult to correct once you’ve already constructed the dock. Because waterfront property is on unstable, eroded soil, you need to have a foundation that reaches stable ground far below the surface.

Helical piers work wonderfully as the foundation for docks and waterfront properties. They’re unobstructive and twist all the way down to the terra firm beneath your shifty, muddy ground. You can build up your dock however you’d like once you’ve installed solid foundation, especially with the load-bearing capacities of helical piers. Your dock will last longer than one with basic concrete foundation and you won’t need to worry about soil erosion taking away the stability of your dock.

Long-lasting foundation is one of the most essential tips for making your boat dock last longer. Though the dock’s quality may wane, a stellar foundation ensures that you can keep building it back up after a destructive event.