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If you’re a new homeowner, you know how exciting planning a home renovation can be. You may be eager to jumpstart a few projects on your home yourself, but for complicated upgrades—such as vinyl siding replacement—you should consider a professional.

If you prefer that someone with expertise enact the replacement, learn how to choose the right siding contractor. If you plan on tackling the project without an expert’s assistance, be mindful of the siding replacement mistakes to avoid before you start. Siding is the home’s main line of defense against weather and all sorts of impact, so it’s best to optimize the outcome when possible.

Installing Panels Too Tightly

Vinyl siding needs a little wiggle room. A stiff installment increases the likelihood of a break, making it more likely that the wood underneath the exterior’s shield will get wet or rot.

A common rule of thumb when nailing on your siding is to leave 1/32 of an inch between the material and the nail head. You can achieve this by driving nails slightly looser.

Overlooking All Your Options

Whether you employ a professional contractor or not, overlooking your options is a mistake anyone can make. Siding comes in various styles, textures, and colors. Look through several options before landing on a final choice to confirm it’s the right type of material for your home’s exterior.

Skipping a thorough review of all your siding options can result in a decrease in curb appeal. To ensure your siding style suits your home all day long, pin a swatch to the side of your house and assess how you like it at different hours of the day and in different lighting.

Leaving Visible Seams

Visible seams are a common sign that siding has been done by an inexperienced renovator. Seams are unsightly, but you can avoid them by employing a professional to install the panels.

Manufacturers have made this one of the easier siding replacement mistakes to avoid by creating longer panels that leave fewer seams to cover. Still, a poor application can result in costly future repairs.

Having Too Much Overlap

Where panels meet, there will be about an inch of overlap. Too much overlap will result in an unkempt exterior finish.

In addition to an unfavorable appeal, too much siding overlap restricts movement. This restriction boosts the chances of the siding buckling and wrinkling. The visual faults of improperly installed siding are detrimental to the siding’s performance and curb appeal.