We’ve compiled a list of the top five amazing bathroom design trends in 2022. These trends lean into modern and luxe themes, with simple designs and a minimalistic aesthetic. Consider these trends if you’re seeking inspiration for your next bathroom project or you want a bathroom style that will add value to your home.

Statement Wallpaper

Statement wallpaper is an eye-catching bathroom design trend that effortlessly adds color, texture, and depth to the space. If you have extra wall space in your bathroom and are unsure how to transform the layout without making drastic changes, add wallpaper with a fun or chic design. You can choose elegant swirls with regal patterns or eclectic shapes and lines that change the room’s attitude.

Modern Organic

The modern organic design adds raw and natural elements, like wood and bamboo, to form a sophisticated space. It can also be characterized by natural monochromatic hues and simple design. This stylish design adds a natural feel to the home with its minimalist aesthetic.

Spa Aesthetic

The spa aesthetic is an amazing bathroom design trend that brings a clean, relaxing, and bright spa aesthetic into your home. This trend often incorporates a ton of bright whites and greenery. You should declutter the space, update any hardware, use plush white towels, and incorporate soft, neutral colors in the room to achieve the spa aesthetic. A spa aesthetic is a great way to incorporate a feeling of luxury into your home.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is a trendy style that involves raw elements, like wood and metal, earth tones, black fixtures, and eclectic lighting. Because this industrial style is so visually appealing and loved by many trendy homeowners, it’s a great design to incorporate if you want a style that adds value to your home.

Matte Black Fixtures

Matte black fixtures are another popular bathroom design trend. Matte black fixtures add a sleek, modern, and clean look to a bathroom space. When installed with white or marble materials, the black fixtures create a luxurious aesthetic appeal. Matte black fixtures are a simple upgrade that overall uplifts the space.

While you don’t want to dwell in the bathroom as often as you would your living room, it’s still an important space that you visit and use daily. There are fantastic bathroom design trends that you can incorporate to update your area. Invest in your space by considering these trends to incorporate into your bathroom.