Fences serve many purposes, but before building your backyard fence, there are important things to know. Fences can offer privacy and protection and increase the value of your home. Before you design, make, and install a fence in your yard, here are a few helpful tips.

What Is It For?

Some people want a fence to help keep the pets from escaping. You might prefer your fence to offer privacy or protection from the wind, or maybe you want a fence that looks great. Do you want to install a gate to allow access to the yard without going through the house? Having a rough idea of what you want your fence to do for you is crucial before moving forward.

Considering Materials

Now that you know what purpose your fence serves, what material do you think best suits your needs? If you want to keep the dogs from escaping, a chain-link fence works, but isn’t too aesthetically pleasing. Wooden fences look great, but as organic materials, they require a lot more maintenance. Vinyl is a great way to get that wood-like texture without the extra effort. Find the material that best suits your specific wants and needs.

Follow the Rules

You don’t want to design and build your fence only to get a citation saying you have to take it down. Different states, towns, and even residential areas have their own rules for what you can build. Details like where you can place your fence, its maximum height, and even what color you paint it are all factors to consider. Make sure your fence plans fit what your neighborhood allows you to do.

You’re ready to start designing now that you have a rough idea of what to know before building your backyard fence. Consider your limitations, analyze your fence’s purpose, and weigh the pros and cons of different materials. With these tips in mind, your fence will be up in no time!