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7 Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas

Love is when another person’s happiness is above your own. Show your love with a clever craft straight from the heart this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Love Potions

Valentine's Day
Get your kids in the Valentine’s Day spirit by removing existing water bottle labels and replacing them with free “love potion” printables that you can find online. Crack these water bottles open and love just might fill the cafeteria. Is it magic or just a mother’s love?

  1. “Hooked on You”

The classic “Hooked on You” is always a great option for anyone who loves gummy worms. This DIY is simple and straightforward. All you need is a bag or two of gummy worms of your choice ($1.99), a pail (found at Target, Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby for $1 to $3) and a printed label (can be found at Lil’ Luna). Fill the pail with gummy worms. Adhere the lid closed. Print off the label, and wrap it around the pail and there you have it. Easy right? And cheap!

  1. Mason Jar Love

With a skill level of super-easy (and not many materials required), this rustic vase is perfect to display a few blooms.

  1. Lucky Charm Marshmallows

Let’s face it: Only receiving the marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms is a childhood dream that we still think about today.

  1. Love Coupons

Coupon books are always a cute and easy gift for those who are forgetful.  Some coupons include: movie night, date night planned by you and even a wild card for you to fill in! To go a notch further, buy some card stock form Hobby Lobby (.99 cents-$1.99) and print it on high quality paper.

  1. Valentine’s Tree Branch

This pretty and airy tree is the perfect holiday addition to your mantel or dining table.

  1. Box Momentos

Decorate blocks with your favorite photographs — a nice break from the traditional picture frame!