Moving is always a stressful time—and it’s made even more difficult if you have kids. Which new school will they attend? Are you going to enroll them in new programs?

It’s a process that’s stressful for the children as well. As a parent, the best thing you can do is make the moving process as easy as possible on them. In doing so, you’ll find that things are easier on you, too. Stay tuned to learn some simple ways to make moving with kids easier.

Take Your Children To Their Favorite Spots One Last Time

Moving can be overwhelming for children. That’s especially true if this is their first move! To help prepare them for the shock, take them out to their favorite places for one last hurrah. That includes their favorite restaurants, parks, toy stores, and more.

To help soften the blow, look up the equivalent of their favorite places in the new town. That will help generate excitement for the move.

Book the Move as Early as Possible

When moving with children, the early bird gets the worm. To make things easier on yourself, book the move well in advance. That will make things much quicker and more efficient. Moving companies also appreciate booking moves in advance, as it helps them plan accordingly. This is one of the best tips for packing, too—get started before you think you need to.

Listen To Your Kids

It may seem like a good idea not to tell your kids about the move until it gets close, but the opposite is true. The best thing you can do is tell your children about the move as soon as you can.

After that, listen to them and address all their concerns. Give them some time to process their feelings, including anger, sadness, and frustration. All the while, reassure them that the move will be fun and that new things can be exciting.

Unpack Their Room First

When you arrive at your new house, everyone will be anxious to unpack and get settled. It’s a great idea to unpack the children’s rooms first. That way, they’ll calm down and de-stress while you unpack the rest of the house at your leisure.

Those are our simple ways to make moving with kids easier. It’s all about treating them like adults and letting them know what’s happening. Pretty soon, they’ll be wondering why they made such a fuss!